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Pandora's Box intro

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Pandora's Box
The year is 3010 universal century. The U.N has started the colonization of new worlds. One of these planets on the far reaches of our solar system is called Amular. I live on this planet my name is Tyon.
"Okay." I said as I set up the picture for our family picnic.
"Come on dad get in the picture hurry." My little boy only seven years old but already knows how to boss me around. Just like my wife huh.
I ran into the group and smiled. I walked back over to the camera to check the picture I looked. We had one good looking family, I raise my thumb up and everyone sighed and went back to talking amongst themselves. I went to hug my wife and boy when we heard an explosion. I turned around and saw a mushroom cloud forming in the sky. Next to it another and another. I grabbed my son and my wife's hand and ran with everyone else.
Three months later
Once the one of the jewels of the system Amular had lush fields and gigantic seas. Now all that is left is a waste land. Once the crime percentage was in the negatives but now vigilante law is supreme. The radiation let off from the event had caused mutants to form. My family has made it through this event somehow but today is our last day here tomorrow we get off this god forsaken rock.
"Run!" We heard a woman yell to the rest of the refugees before she was ripped to shreds by bullets. The shuttles had just landed there was a huge line we were in. Bandits charged through shooting everyone in sight it was a slaughter. I pushed forward through the crowd with my wife and son following. I got hit with fists and rocks but did not care as panic swept over the refuges like wild fire.
I handed my wife and son to the military officers that were firing at the bandits. They grabbed them and pulled them aboard and the doors started to close. I heard my son scream for me. The shuttle was only a few feet off the ground when a rocket hit the ship.
It's hull was wrenched open and the shriek of metal filled the air. A second and a third shuttle got hit they exploded on impact. I fell to the ground and I could only hear a ringing in my ear. I looked down and saw a hunk of metal in my chest. I coughed up a wad of blood. My hearing cleared and I heard the gunfire stop and everything became calm. I looked up and saw a man leaning over me. He was not a bandit so I asked him "Did" searing pain wrenched through my body. "Did any of them make it." He looked down and I could see the sadness in his eyes. "Well at least I will seem them in the meadow of the goddess."
Wesker pulled out his com. "Hello is any still there."
He pushed the button and replied "I am the only one left sir."
"Damn, The HLR, the steel legion, and even us the specters couldn't save any but a few."
"Sir" The commander grunted a yes. "With your permission I would like to search and find the box."
"Does this mean you are resigning."
"Yes sir."
The commander saluted even though Wesker couldn't see him. "God speed my son."
"Wesker signing off."
Wesker got into his dune buggy and headed off to find a legend.

Now twenty years later a shuttle passing by the abandoned planet has had engine problems and crashed landed. With the crash some unlikely heroes or villains will come forth. Which are you?

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