Officer Rusty, a Bio made by Monte Wanktuss

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Officer Rusty, a Bio made by Monte Wanktuss

Post  Monte Wanktuss on Mon Apr 16, 2012 7:16 pm

1.Name: Officer Rusty
2.Height: 7'2, Mass: 563
3.Appearance: Rusty metal body, worn out Cowboy outfit, and Pre-war high tech'dark sade of red' sun glasses (so he's able to see)
4.Weapons: Shotgun and a Pistol
5.Profession: Savior Sentinel Unit V-173 (Law Enforcement)

6.History: Rusty was not just a robot, he has a built-in education processor which allows him to be able to express emotions and feelings. The scientist that created Rusty is a man named
"James Oliver" and through the years with Rusty, James was home-schooling Rusty to prove to the galaxies that robots can have human emotions. Later on Rusty decided to become a Police Officer, but then he did so well on one of his ensignments Rusty was promoted into a Elite group named
"The Savior Sentinels of Amular". One day from coming back from police station, Rusty found his beloving father killed by one of the street gangs known as "The Man's Republic". Rusty took his revenge on the street gang by eliminating every single one of them, after that Rusty was de-actavated and stored into a vault that lies within a bunker. Then the nuclear explosion ruptures
Amular and plungs the planet into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

End of Bio...

Re-Actavate Program? (Accept or Deny Bio)
Monte Wanktuss
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Re: Officer Rusty, a Bio made by Monte Wanktuss

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