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Toby Grayson

Post  Monte Wanktuss on Mon Apr 23, 2012 11:30 pm

1. Name: Toby Grayson
2. Height/mass: 6'5, 235
3. Appearance: A man wearing a worn out Bussiness Casual, a Brown Fedora, and might have a cigertte every once and while.
4. Weapons: Pistol with a scope and a Wrench
5. United Engines of the Greater Good [U.E.G.G.] (Engineer)
6. History:
When Toby was born his father,Mack Grayson, wanted his son to become the King-Pin of the
"Family Bussiness" but Toby became a profesinal engineer after graduating from college. Toby's father dies from a heart attack and so Toby thought this was his chance to restart his life after being addicted to Illegal drugs...which came from his father's bussiness. After recieveing $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 from his father's secret vault, he decided to marry a woman named "Annabell Naystal" at the age of 28. 9 houses, 3 childern, 5 different companies later, Annabell died from skin cancer and left Toby a widow plus having the children hating the father and later on 4 of his companies were shut-down due to traces of Moon Sand (Cocaine from the moon). The last company he owned was the U.E.G.G. ,which was a relief effort due to the expenses of fixing shuttles,A.I, Robots, and etc, and he decided to once again to restart his life by having a bigger role in the U.E.G.G. When Toby was his way to Mars for an important meeting, the Shuttle crash landed on to the surface of Amular.

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