Mordecai Maximillion

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Mordecai Maximillion

Post  Mordy on Thu May 24, 2012 3:02 pm

1. Name: Mordecai Maximillion (Goes by Mordy.)
2. Height, mass: 5'11" 157lbs
3. Appearance: Mordecai has short, slick, black hair, pale blue eyes. He is normally in a black turtle neck, with frayed blue jeans and combat boots.
4. Weapons: Fists.
5. Profession: Psychologist.
6. “I am nothing more than a citizen of the world. Time simply passed me by as I listened to other people’s lives. Their lives seemed so full of life with each struggle and blessing. I envied that. My mother and father never showed me in affection. I tended to my own wounds and my own sickness. Although it seemed bad at first, deep down, I didn’t mind it at all. I enjoyed my company very much. It even got to the point that I had full on conversations with myself, in thought of course. My upbringing seemed to pass by rapidly. Before I knew it, I was finishing school and being assigned to a local town as its main Counselor.”

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