Wesker Nocht

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Wesker Nocht

Post  typhus343 on Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:53 pm

1. Wesker Nocht
2. 6’2, thin but has muscle
A trench coat covering new state of the art armor that can stop any light gun fire for a few shots and sunglasses that acts as a hud for his weapons and armor.
4.Pistol and a sniper
5.Ex-special forces
6.Wesker was sent to Amular to infiltrate the main base of the Red Skulls one of the head gangs. After getting into the headquarters he learned of a legend on the planet. The box it was told to hold the most powerful thing in this world. Food and water. After Wesker had reported his findings back to the main head quarters he they told him to leave it alone for now. After the last shuttles had been destroyed Wesker officially left the Specters and now is looking for the box. Wesker has now been surviving for two years and as a new wave of hunters come into the town he is ready to do something. To help or hurt is anyone's guess.

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